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How we work

I believe it is important for us to have a good working relationship with mutual trust for the best results.  I am approachable, open, honest, detail focused and empathetic. I pride myself in producing flexible solutions that meet the needs of your business.

I offer a free initial 30 – 60 minute consultation so we can discuss your business, your people and your HR needs. Following the meeting I will make some recommendations on how I think I can support your business to develop.


If I believe you would benefit from the services of someone with specialist knowledge of a particular area, I work with a number of associates that I can recommend to you, and I will manage these people on your behalf.

I offer a range of retainer packages starting with email and phone support to full bespoke HR service.

Alternatively I work on both a per project or ad-hoc basis where I bill by the half hour, keeping a log of all work completed by date and amount of time to give you complete transparency.  I record my time in minimum blocks of 10 minutes. Depending on the work, I will either invoice at the end of the piece of work or project, or monthly if it is a longer term project.

I can work from your premises or mine, and be available on the telephone and email.  In my experience to get the best from our partnership it is normally a little bit of everything.