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My standard monthly retainer packages start from £8 per employee per month to £20 per employee per month for a full bespoke HR service for your business.

If working on a retainer basis, I suggest we regularly review the package and services you are receiving to ensure they are meeting the needs of your business, and you are neither over or under paying.

Initially whilst we are getting to know each other, we probably need more time and it will gradually reduce and become more consistent.  However I will average the hours over a three month basis to allow for fluctuations of work.

My retainer contracts are rolling monthly contracts, unless you prefer to pay on an annual basis. So there are no long lengthy notice periods that other HR companies may insist on.

For ad-hoc or project based HR support my daily rate varies depending on the length of contract, and the work involved, but is typically between £450 – £650 per day.  A day is generally 7 hours in length.  I maintain a log of the hours, by the 10 minutes, worked to cover for ad-hoc and flexible working.

We will agree upfront an amount of time for the piece of work, or how much time you and your employees will need over a week or month if working on a retainer basis.

Due to the nature of people issues, sometimes it is difficult to accurately estimate time. I will always notify you in advance if I believe I am going to be working over the hours agreed, so we can decide together on the best approach.

Dependent on location travel time and mileage may also be chargeable however this will always be agreed up front with you.

The Breathe HR system starts from £1 per employee per month, which is incredible value, and will pay for itself immediately.  Implementation costs vary depending on the size of your business and your current tools for employee data storage.